Frequently Asked Questions

What install Fire & Smoke Curtains?

Fire and Smoke Kill !!! The curtains assist in the evacuation of people, they prevent smoke logging and retard the lateral spread of fire, thus saving lives. The curtain fabric is manufactured from a specially formulated micronised aluminium polymers, reinforced with stainless steel wire which provides a heat reflective surface.

How do they Operate?

The curtain in its dormant position is concealed in a roof void. On a command signal from an alarm system, the curtain will descend creating a smoke “compartment”.

What is Gravity Fail Safe?

In the event of a total power failure, the Fire & Smoke curtain will still deploy to its operational position.

What does the control panel do?

Operates and monitors the smoke/fire curtains in various situations. i.e. the speed of descents, level of descents, powered or non-powered. Status relays indicate power and operational status. A master control panel will operate up to 32 slave panels/curtains.

Where is SHEVS?

SHEVS is an acronym for Smoke, Heat, Exhaust and Ventilation Systems. The purpose of SHEVS is to create a fire “compartment” bounded by construction having a specified Fire/Smoke resistance to allow the evacuation of a building.

Can Marian Fire and Smoke Design a SHEVS System?

Yes. Contact our Customer Support. We will design a system to conform to your needs and requirements, in accordance and compliance with the necessary BS Standards and current regulations.

Why Install a Fire Curtain as opposed to a steel fire shutter?

Fire Curtains contain heat more effectively than steel shutters. Due to their compact design, the heat box is considerably smaller than on a traditional steel shutter which means that they can be installed into a restricted ceiling void. Due to their size and ease of fitting, fire and smoke curtains are suitable for existing building refurbishment and fit outs.